Three Bald Eagles raising three kids : link to article

A Notable Eagle Encounter

Age-ed Golden Eagle

On December 4, 2014, personnel from the Montana Raptor Conservation Center retrieved an adult Golden Eagle that reportedly had troubles getting airborne. The eagle wore an aluminum rivet band and when the number was checked, an amazing discovery was made. Read more :

Beach-nesting Bald Eagles:

Nest out on the beach on north Smith Island with adult brooding small eaglets on 30 March 2019. Photo by Bryan Watts.
One of two Golden Eagle chicks under webcam surveillance in Central Oregon.

The world watches as Golden Eagle chicks grow up in a cliff nest in Central Oregon, the only known Golden Eagle webcam in the US.

Go to the webcam here :

Tabloid newspaper item of interest :

Fake news is everywhere these days!

Bald Eagle Nest Cam in Central California :

Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest Cam