Adult Bald Eagle near Ft. Rock

The Oregon Eagle Foundation (OEF) was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in the State of Oregon in March 1986. Its intent was to give private individuals the opportunity to join state and federal agencies and private organizations in supporting Bald Eagle research and management projects in Oregon. The original purpose of OEF was to ensure that the Bald Eagle population in Oregon was adequately monitored and that nesting and wintering habitats were protected. That purpose continues to this day and now includes Golden Eagles.

The recent recovery of the Bald Eagle was the result of cooperative efforts to protect the birds and their habitat. Much of the recovery effort in Oregon was focused on protecting nesting areas and OEF was instrumental in making that possible. Current concern for the welfare of Golden Eagles because of the development of wind farms resulted in OEF taking the lead in documenting the size, distribution and nesting success of Golden Eagles in the state. That effort is ongoing and essential to tracking the welfare of Golden Eagles into an uncertain future where increasing human demands on the environment will further impact Golden Eagles and their habitat.

Bald Eagle recovery and our expanding knowledge of nesting Golden Eagles in Oregon is a tribute to the dedication and generosity of OEF contributors, volunteers and cooperators that share our vision of keeping Oregon safe for eagles.

Frank Isaacs and Jim Anderson observing a Golden Eagle nest